2013-2014  Areas of Focus (Draft)

For the 2013-14 season the BVA has identified five focus areas which we believe will result in significant village improvements:
Visitor Map & Directory
In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, we have designed an attractive, 4’ by 12’ Visitor Map and Directory sign to be installed in the pocket park just west of Jilberto’s on Palm Canyon Drive. The two-sided map and directory is full of information especially helpful for new visitors. One side details the village core and the locations of all Borrego Springs’ businesses, services, and points of interest. The other side presents the village core in relation to the greater Borrego Valley, mapping business and points of interest outside the village core. We anticipate the sign will be fabricated and installed by the end of 2013.
Borrego Art Institute parking lot improvements
The recently-renovated BAI building demonstrates new interest and willingness to invest in our downtown core to improve its appeal to visitors and residents. The BVA is working to appropriately develop the BAI parking lot, currently an empty lot behind the commercial building adjacent to the BAI property. We will complete design and implementation for the first phase of development by the end of 2013.
Community Right-of-Way Development Standards Update
In our review of opportunities to enhance public right-of-way areas on Palm Canyon Drive, we’ve discovered that current regulations governing important issues such as parking and crosswalks were last updated in 1989. Because these standards impact improvement plans for Palm Canyon Drive, we will collaborate with the San Diego County Department of Public Works to update Borrego Spring’s Community Right-of-Way Development Standards. This process will include appropriate opportunities for public input.
Board recruitment
Two BVA Directors, Mark Jorgensen and Ben Nourse, tendered resignations in 2012-2013, and we will actively identify and recruit their replacements. Our Board is a “working” board – in other words, we are all deeply involved in the details of planning and implementing improvement efforts. We welcome participation from community members who want to contribute! Please use the Contact Us form on this site if you are interested in learning more about serving as a Director on the BVA Board.
Collaboration with Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group
In 2011, San Diego County approved and adopted the Borrego Springs Community Plan, a thoughtful and thorough document that will guide future planning and development here. The Community Plan identifies five Special Study Areas that require further investigation and which are of particular interest to the BVA as they relate to improvements to our village core. BVA Directors will participate in specific study groups for Economic Development and Christmas Circle to better understand related issues and opportunities.
Borrego Village Association Board of Directors

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